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Brand New Chester Model B lathe mill milling machine ideal ... Set of 5 carbide lathe tools; Allen keys; Spanners; Built in NVR switch; 4 position indexing tool post; Lathe chuck and drill chuck guards; Manual and parts list; Other Information: The 'Original' Chester Multi-Purpose Machine is capable of turning, milling, drilling and thread cutting. Introduction - The Warco WM180 Lathe - Modifications Chester UK Ltd call it the DB7VS, at Amadeal it's the AMA180V and other suppliers may use other designations. The machines are all supplied from China by Weiss Machinery Co. In the Netherlands, Weiss Machinery Europe BV sell it as the WM180V, and in Germany Optimum Machinery sell the Opti D 180 x 300. Shop 220-240 Volt Lathe Machine Lathe Machines For World ... Lathe Machines Shop from our large selection of 220-240 Volt, 50Hz Lathe Machines from brand Lathe Machine and other electronics and appliances for use outside USA! You can use these 220 Volt Appliances in most countries in the continent of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. The Benefits of Using a Lathe Machine - EzineArticles The lathe machine tool shapes an object by cutting, sanding, drilling or formation with tool by rotating the object on its axis. Generally a lathe machine is used .    Read More