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Difference Between Non-Ferrous & Ferrous Metals - iScrap App Difference Between Non-Ferrous & Ferrous Metals. ... Ferrous metals contain iron, whereas non-ferrous metals do not. You can use a magnet to test them. ... When metals have a significant amount of iron they will be classified as a ferrous metal both in scientific terms and also at your local scrap yards. RZR Recycling, LLC. | Scrap Metals & Recycling Information FErrous metals contain Iron, and as such it means they are magnetic! Below is a list of the different ferrous Metals we accept at RZR Recycling. Appliances (non-freon) Scrap Metal Recycling in Minnesota | JR's Advanced Recyclers Scrap Metal Recycling. We purchase all types of scrap metal for recycling, including all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and materials. Contact us for a custom, hassle-free quote for your project! Our scrap metal prices are updated daily, but they are subject to change at anytime without notice.    Read More