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Engineering Kids | Rube Goldberg Machine | TinkerLab Build a Rube Goldberg Machine with Kids. So, are you interested in building a Rube Goldberg-style machine with little kids? This post will give you a few tips and ideas to make your own complicated machine. Periodic Table and the Elements - ThoughtCo Periodic Table and the Elements. ... Chemical and Physical Properties of Gold. Article. Darmstadtium Facts - Element 110 or Ds. Article. ... Article. Mercury Facts. Article. Element Names That Can Be Spelled Using Element Symbols. Article. Which Elements Are Named After People? Article. Selenium Facts. Article. Helium Facts (Atomic Number 2 or ... Nickel Facts - Uses, Properties, Element Ni, Coins ... Nickel is a chemical element with the symbol Ni and an atomic number of 28. In Germany during medieval times, a red mineral was found that looked like copper ore (rock). When miners couldn't extract any copper from it, they blamed a mischievous sprite of German mythology, Nickel.    Read More