100 t h of gravel how many yards

Types of Gravel - dream-yard For example: A patio that is 12 feet by 12 feet with a 6 inch gravel base will look like this. (Don't forget to convert the inches in depth to ft. by dividing the inches by 12, 6 inches divided by 12 is .5 of a foot). 12 ft. times 12 ft. = 144 sq. ft. times 6 inches. How to figure how many tons of gravel? - tractorbynet Jun 10, 2011· Take cubic yards X 3000 divided by 2000 = tons that makes assumption your gravel is riunning 3000 pounds a yard. Example 200 ft drive, 12 ft wide . How much sand and gravel will I need to mix one yard of ... Apr 19, 2010· For 220 cubic yards you would need about 94 cubic yards of sand and 94 cubic yards of rock. Each cubic yard of concrete will fill a space 8'x10' wide and 4 inches thick. At 220 cubic yards you could create a slab 132' square.    Read More