chemical composition of hematite iron ore

What Is the Chemical Formula for Iron (III) Oxide ... The chemical formula for iron (III) oxide is Fe2O3. This compound is also called hematite, iron ore and specularite. Hematite is a mineral naturally found on earth and appears as a gray or reddish compound. Iron (III) oxide results naturally when iron and oxygen come into contact at high temperatures. CHARACTERIZATION AND REDUCIBILITY OF ITAKPE AND . hematite and magnetite. The Agbaja ore showed a pisolitic texture in polished section (Fig. 6). The iron was concentrated in the pisolites whereas the major impurities were present in the matrix. The Corby ore showed a multi-phase o61itic texture (Fig. 7). Metallic Iron Particles in Coal-Based Reduction of Oolitic ... Oolitic hematite ore is a significant existing form of iron ores, which are widely distributed in France, Germany, the United States, Canada, Pakistan, China, and other countries [1,2]. In China, 3.72 billion tons of explored reserves of oolitic hematite ores accounts for approximately 1/9 of .    Read More